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March 5, 2024, 1:56 p.m.

Where to Find Brand Deals: A Guide for Social Media Influencers

As a social media influencer, you must know you don’t need millions of followers to find brand deals and earn money. Internet creators, often known as social media influencers, have the same potential to secure sponsorships and brand partnerships.

Because smaller-audience influencers are passionate about creating content and have engaged audiences, many brands actively seek collaboration with them. Some influencers are more successful than others because they use influencer marketing platforms like influencerhiring.com. 

So, if you want to know where to find brand deals to get a business as a social media influencer, read below.

How to find brand deals and get business:

Social media influencers can easily find brand collaborations if they take the right route to find them:

Attend influencer events

In this digital marketing era, sponsors, brands, and marketers regularly attend social media and influencer marketing events.

Never be reluctant to start a conversation with a preferred brand partner if they have a booth at the event. In influencer marketing, networking is a great way to find brand deals to get a business.

Join the social media influencer marketplace.

Many social media influencer platforms act as a bridge for influencers and brands to collaborate. To begin collaborating with brands, create a profile on influencerhiring.com.

Include a bio about yourself and showcase your best work while building your profile. To increase the accessibility of your content and analytics to possible brand partners, link your social media platforms with a reliable influencer marketing platform.

Start sharing products

Start posting about the brands you are most enthusiastic about on your social media accounts. Participate in the promotion of your preferred brands by tagging them. This shows to any business partners that you are passionate about their products and will represent them authentically.

Reach out to brands.

When the time is right, start contacting brands directly via social media or, if available, contact forms on their websites. Look up the influencer marketing manager of a brand on professional networking sites and contact them to discuss possible collaborations.

Join influencer networks:

Social media influencer networks and agencies are widely used to act as middlemen between brands and influencers.

You can apply to these agencies to get brand collaboration opportunities. These networks also offer assistance in contract negotiations and guaranteeing that all parties get what they want.

Create a media kit:

A social media influencer media kit should explain your target audience's demographics, engagement analytics, past brand collaborations, and pricing.

It's easier for brands to assess your suitability for partnership if you have a polished media kit on hand when you approach them. Also, update your achievements and statistics in your media kit regularly.

Engage with brand campaign hashtags:

Another thing you can do is look for hashtags and brand campaigns that are relevant to your industry. Engaging in these projects shows your excitement and desire to work with others and make you more visible to the brand.

You can tag the brands in your posts and include the campaign hashtags of the brands you are targeting to grab their attention.

Final thoughts

These tips will be really helpful to get brand deals as a social media influencer. But, if you want the best of everything, join the best influencer marketing platform, influencerhiring.com, to collaborate with brands and make money.

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