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March 5, 2024, 5:38 p.m.

Top Strategies for Social Media Influencers to Secure Brand Deals

A decade ago, the common route for making money as an influencer was being a popular blogger, following major social media sites, or being a self-made celebrity. But today, that route of becoming an Internet influencer has changed.

This is great news for social media influencers of all levels because the best platforms to measure influencer marketing have emerged for users. But still, some influencers struggle to make deals with brands. What steps can they take to gain recognition? Continue reading to learn more about steps you may take as a social media influencer to secure brand deals.

How to start working with brands

Find your niche

As you know, finding your niche is crucial as a social media influencer. Identifying a niche is essential to build a recognizable personal influencer brand.

Creating social media content that appeals to a broad audience is difficult. You will be up against a lot of competition for exposure if your content is more "general" or if you switch between multiple niches and styles often.

Post consistently

Being consistent is a big requirement for social media influencers. Brands look at your consistency more than your minor flaws in social media posts. Observing the trends on the platforms you use is another useful thing. Try to focus on the content and the type of content you post.

Make sure brands know about you.

Before you ever receive sponsorship from a brand, creating blogs featuring some of your favorite brands can be useful. Also, you can better understand the kind of content you can produce if you join a free influencer marketing platform.

One piece of advice is to have a media kit on hand to give to potential employers as a brief and easy way to introduce yourself. Additionally, being active on other social media platforms is a good idea, as this builds your reputation and expands your prospects for sponsorships and brand collaborations.

Ask previous partners to refer you.

If you've worked with a brand and had a positive experience, you might want to ask them to recommend you to other brands or businesses in the same industry. If you truly satisfy a client, they will be ready to refer you to others. 

Moreover, references let them see your skills in action and get a sense of the content you can make to promote them as a social media influencer.

Get creative and stay relevant.

There are many ways to get brands' attention if you have a good amount of following on social media platforms. For example, you can contact them via social media, create unboxing and reviewing videos of their products, or send them samples of your promotional content.

You can also start using hashtags associated with the brand and tag the brand’s account on your social media posts and videos. This method has helped many social media people to get noticed by brands for collaboration.

Final thoughts

It’s okay to feel collaborating with brands on social media is tricky, but things will be okay if you join the best influencer marketing platform 2024. Remember to partner with to find brands to promote on your social media influencer page and to earn from it.

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