How Instagram Influencers Can Find Brand Deals for Business Growth
March 2, 2024, 5:29 p.m.

How Instagram Influencers Can Find Brand Deals for Business Growth

According to recent influencer marketing studies, social media influencers are now more important to brands than ever for marketing purposes. It is not surprising why social media influencers appear to be gaining traction with brands.

Instagram has become the favorite platform of people today, so influencers on the platform collaborate with companies on promotions and content production. However, many influencers don’t know that securing brand deals on Instagram can become easy if they use top influencer marketing platforms like So, how can you find brand deals to get business on Instagram to collaborate with? Read this simple guide that tells you how to do it.

Join an influencer marketplace.

There are social media influencer platforms, like, that help brands and influencers meet. These platforms help influencers present their skills to brands actively looking to work together.

Influencer outreach is made passive with a creator profile that allows businesses to reach out to influencers.

Pitch to brands directly

As an influencer, you can directly approach with a customized pitch to offer your brand promotion service. Looking at brands in your niche that invest in their Instagram presence also helps.

You can learn from other Instagram influencers if you want. Write detailed emails introducing yourself, showcasing your accomplishments, and outlining your suitability for the partnership with brands. You should also include relevant details like the number of followers and engagement rates to make your offer attractive.

Find contact information for brands on Instagram:

If you are a relatively small influencer, use the Instagram "email" button when targeting smaller brands.

Some Instagram influencers think visiting official websites is better for larger brands. Ensure the subject line makes it obvious that you are an Instagram influencer looking for a partnership.

Tag brands in your posts on Instagram

You should know which companies will profit from your promotion and target market. You can buy their products, promote them in your content, and tag them on Instagram to get a deal from them.

One popular option is getting your audience interested in smaller brands' products by tagging them in your posts. This type of promotion will convince small brands to collaborate with you on Instagram. Joining an influencer marketing platform for Kickstarter is an easy way for brands to contact you for promotion.

Don’t stop posting on Instagram.

Try to post daily on your feed and stories, but don't bombard your fans with content unrelated to your niche. Instagram's algorithm prioritizes recently uploaded posts, boosting interaction rates.

Instagram emphasizes connections, so cultivating relationships with your brand community is crucial. For maximum algorithm exposure and likes, post during the times when your audience is most active.

Include a link in your Instagram bio.

Put your contact details on your Instagram bio for ease of access. Adding more information to your bio gives brands important context about you.

Final thoughts

Instagram is an amazing platform for growing as an influencer. But if you want to save time and get the best brand deals, join a facebook influencer marketing platform or and talk to brands and influencers there. 

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