Join me on my vlogging journey as I capture and share the essence of life's moments, from travel adventures and daily experiences to insightful discussions and entertaining storytelling.


Why choose me as your vlogger?

  • Vlogging Passion and Creativity: Demonstrating a genuine love for vlogging, consistently producing creative and engaging video content that showcases your brand in a captivating way.
  • Engaged and Supportive Viewership: Cultivating an engaged and supportive viewership who eagerly anticipate and engage with my vlogs, seeking entertainment, inspiration, and recommendations.
  • Memorable and Impactful Content: Creating vlogs that leave a lasting impression, evoking emotions, and inspiring action among my audience.
  • Collaborative Approach: Working closely with brands to understand their objectives and develop customized vlogs that align with their brand messaging.
  • Long-Term Partnership Potential: Building strong and lasting relationships with brands, offering ongoing collaboration opportunities and mutual growth.

Welcome to the vibrant world of creativity with Banjara boys on InfluencerHiring.com! I'm passionate about sharing my artistic journey and inspiring others to tap into their creative potential. Join me as we dive into various art forms, share our creative process, and ignite our imagination through artistic expression.

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  • Clear Communication: Maintain clear and prompt communication with the influencer to discuss project details, deadlines, and any revisions or modifications.
  • After Placing an Order:
  • Provide Necessary Assets: If the gig requires any specific assets or materials from your end, ensure they are provided promptly to avoid delays.
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Banjara__boys__2223 Promotions: Unleash your brand's potential, conquer markets.

Basic Package

INR 22000

  • Content Delivery

    1 Instagram Story, 1 Instagram Photo Feed Post, Client Product Photo-1, Client Product Video -1 (short), 4 Instagram Stories, 1 Instagram Static Feed Post
  • Delivery Time

    10 days
  • Fast Delivery Time

    5 days
  • Revised Work


Standard Package

INR 11000

  • Content Delivery

  • Delivery Time

    8 days
  • Fast Delivery Time

    8 days
  • Revised Work


Premium Package

INR 55000

  • Content Delivery

    1 Dedicated Instagram Post, 1 Dedicated Instagram Reel, Client Product Video-1 (20 Seconds, high-quality), 1 YouTube Video (120 Seconds, detailed), 1 Dedicated Blog Post (comprehensive), 1 YouTube Video (long integration, 5-10 minutes)
  • Delivery Time

    20 days
  • Fast Delivery Time

    10 days
  • Revised Work


Brand Promotion

Influencer brand promotion is vital for brands because it offers a powerful way to reach and engage with a targeted audience. By collaborating with influencers, brands can leverage their credibility, authenticity, and influence to create impactful marketing campaigns. Influencers have built trust with their followers, and their endorsements can greatly influence consumer purchasing decisions. This form of promotion allows brands to tap into the influencer's loyal fanbase, expanding their reach and visibility. Additionally, influencers are skilled at creating compelling content that resonates with their audience, resulting in higher engagement and brand awareness. Overall, influencer brand promotion provides brands with an effective and efficient means to connect with their target market and elevate their brand's presence in the competitive digital landscape

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